VFXnow Brings “Hardware as a Service” to NYC

NEW YORK —VFXnow offers a unique strategy for post facility development with its “Hardware as a Service” approach. After opening its new office last month in New York, VFXnow has released a short video that breaks down what a “Hardware as a Service” company can contribute to post production technology.

VFXnow stems from parent company GPL Technologies of Los Angeles, a full-service technology systems integrator that serves the four quadrants of infrastructure development: managed services, staffing, sales and with VFXnow, hardware as a service. According to GPL, the solution is intended for improving the time and cost efficiency of post facility development. VFXnow works towards the growth of not only the worldwide film industry, but supports the specific creative needs of the filmmakers, artists and entrepreneurs who seek to grow the art and craft of motion pictures.

For a sample video, visit: https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=GWUmPqsqafU.

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