VFXnow to Launch Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Introducing Studio-on-Demand

Modernize your workflow. At VFXnow, we’re here to meet your needs, and we know that storage and services you can rely on are one of the most important aspects to success. Studio-on-demand is VFXnow’s new solution for easier development, faster innovation, and efficient scale, all while simultaneously reducing your technology risk. Plus, with VFXnow, we collaborate with you to create a customized plan to suit your needs and our experts are always at your fingertips. 

How does it work?

As a client-centric, problem-solving business, VFXnow offers a global cross-functional online studio that is made to fit your timeline and your budget. Whether you prefer to use VFXnow’s data center, your own data center, or the cloud, our team is here to advise and assist you through every step of your production. If and when you’re ready to scale your project, from helping you avoid hardware bottlenecks to giving you access to the best of our global talent pool, we have a team of industry and IT experts ready to guide you. 

Security should never be a worry for you. Our Studio-On-Demand model is TPN – or Trusted Partner Network – certified. 

Who is it for?

Regardless of location, whether your studio is onsite, virtual or a hybrid, VFXnow is here to collaborate with you to customize your online workplace and optimize the pipeline for productions, both large and small.  

Whichever stage your project is at, Studio-on-Demand can be customized to fit your creative and operational teams’ needs. 

What are the benefits?

We understand the complexities and intricacies of media and entertainment projects. When you have several moving parts, coming from several different places, you need a customized platform you can count on. With VFXnow, you can seamlessly bring teams together.

Speak with one of our industry experts

Schedule a call with our team of industry experts today. We come at projects from a lens unique to VFXnow: both highly technical and boundlessly creative. We’ll get to know you and your project, providing you with the best IT plan to fit your needs and set you up for success. 

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