Isilon X410

72TB per node 4U 2x10G SFP+

Scale-out network-attached storage

$2,500 / month



The Isilon X-Series is comprised of three product lines — the Isilon X200, a 2U platform, and the Isilon X400 and X410 which are both 4U platforms. The Isilon X-Series is highly flexible and strikes the balance between large capacity and high-performance storage. The X- Series is an ideal solution for high-throughput and high-concurrency applications. With
SSD technology for file system metadata and file-based storage workflows, the EMC Isilon X-Series significantly accelerates namespace-intensive operations.

Ideally suited for file-based and unstructured Big Data applications and for data-intensive high-performance computing environments

  • Easy to use and to manage single volume, single file architecture
  • Highly scalable with grow-as-you-go flexibility
  • Unmatched efficiency to reduce costs
  • Multiprotocol support to maximize operational flexibility
  • Enterprise data protection and resiliency for valuable data
  • Oustanding NAS performance
  • Robust security options
  • Support for business analytics
  • Support for virtual environments

The Isilon X-Series scales from a few terabytes (TB) to over 20 petabytes (PB) and over 200 gigabytes per second (GB/s) of throughput within a single cluster. When needed, you can scale capacity and performance by adding a node in about a minute.

OneFS is ideally suited for file-based and unstructured Big Data applications in enterprise environments—including large scale home directories, file shares, archives, virtualization, and business analytics—as well as a wide range of data-intensive, high-performance computing environments such as energy exploration, financial services, Internet and hosting services, business intelligence, engineering, manufacturing, media and entertainment, healthcare, bioinformatics, and scientific research.

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