Turbo Charged 6000x

Processors: AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5975WX, 32-Core, 3.6GHz base clock speed up to 4.5GHz
Memory: 64GB DDR4 RAM
Operating System: Windows 10/11
Graphic Card: RTX 3070 Ti


Unlock unprecedented power and performance with the Turbo Charged 6000x Workstation. Custom-built by VFXnow’s industry-leading team, this enterprise-level powerhouse is designed for professionals in post-production, digital production, and creative agencies. With its exceptional processor, versatile multi-threading capabilities, and high-performance GPU, the Turbo Charged 6000x sets the standard for top-tier workstations.


Introducing the Turbo Charged 6000x Workstation, the ultimate choice for professionals seeking unmatched performance and power. Custom-built by VFXnow’s industry-leading team, this workstation is meticulously crafted to meet the demanding needs of enterprise-level production and post-production workflows.
Formidable Processing Power
At the heart of the Turbo Charged 6000x lies the formidable AMD Ryzen 5975WX Threadripper Pro processor. With an impressive 32-core count and a base clock speed of 3.6 GHz, this professional-grade chip delivers unparalleled processing power for the most resource-intensive tasks. Boosted by a maximum clock speed of 4.5 GHz, the Turbo Charged 6000x effortlessly handles multi-threaded workloads, allowing you to tackle complex tasks with ease.
Seamless Multitasking and Memory-Intensive Operations
Equipped with 64GB of RAM, the Turbo Charged 6000x ensures seamless multitasking and smooth execution of memory-intensive operations. Whether you’re working with large datasets, running multiple virtual machines, or performing advanced simulations, the ample memory capacity ensures a responsive and efficient experience.
Flexibility and Familiarity
The Turbo Charged 6000x offers compatibility with both Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems, providing you with flexibility and familiarity in your choice of software environment. Maximize your productivity and take advantage of the latest features and enhancements offered by these industry-standard operating systems.
Exceptional Performance for Post-Production
Featuring the powerful NVIDIA GeForce 3070 Ti graphics card, the Turbo Charged 6000x delivers exceptional graphics performance for post-production workflows. Whether you’re working with high-resolution video editing, 3D modeling, or animation, this GPU ensures smooth playback, accelerated rendering, and stunning visual effects.
Superior Cooling and Stability
Housed in the renowned Factul Torrent case, the Turbo Charged 6000x maintains superior cooling capabilities and stability for optimal performance. The case’s high airflow design and customizable options provide efficient heat dissipation, ensuring that the workstation operates at peak efficiency even during extended work sessions.
Lightning-Fast File Transfers
To further enhance its capabilities, the Turbo Charged 6000x comes with a motherboard that includes a 10GB networking card. This high-bandwidth networking card ensures lightning-fast file transfers, particularly beneficial when dealing with large video files or data-intensive projects. Experience seamless collaboration and accelerated workflow with the Turbo Charged 6000x.
Trusted by Industry Leaders
The Turbo Charged 6000x is the go-to choice for professionals seeking a perfect balance between high-performance processing and a powerful GPU. This popular configuration is favored by renowned companies such as Apple, NBC, and digital production houses for their demanding workflows. Whether you’re working with Flame, Houdini, Blender, or other industry-standard software, the Turbo Charged 6000x provides the performance and reliability required for your creative endeavors.

– 32-core count for exceptional processing power with 64 Threads
– Versatile multi-threading capabilities for concurrent task execution
– Factul Torrent case for optimal cooling and stability
– NVIDIA GeForce 3070 Ti graphics card for outstanding graphics performance

Additional Attributes

Different motherboard than the Swift 5000x with a 10GB networking card for high-bandwidth file transfers

Ideal Applications

– Professional-grade post-production software (such as Autodesk Flame, Blackmagic Design Fusion, Avid Media Composer)
– High-end 3D animation and visual effects software (such as SideFX Houdini, Autodesk Maya, Foundry Nuke)
– GPU-accelerated rendering software (such as Redshift, Octane Render)
– Compositing and motion graphics software (such as Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D, Blackmagic Design Fusion)
– Simulation and scientific computing software (such as ANSYS, COMSOL, TensorFlow)

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