The Autodesk Flame Configuration

Processor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX 32-core, 64-thread processor

Memory: 128GB DDR4 3200MHz RDIMM
Operating System: Autodesk’s Rocky Linux Image or Windows 10 Pro
Graphic Card: RTX A5000

When using Flame as a finishing and visual effects solution, this P620 package can meet the demands of an accelerated workflow. This workstation and all components have been certified by Autodesk. VFXNow can preinstall Autodesk’s Rocky Linux with the DKU driver package. This ensures the system is ready and optimized for Flame. 

$500.00 per Month

To harness the true power of Autodesk Flame, we proudly present the best hardware configuration that will elevate your compositing and post-production to unparalleled levels: 

AMD 3975WX CPU: Dive into CPU-Intensive Tasks 

Unleash your compositing prowess with the AMD 3975WX CPU, a powerhouse with exceptional processing capabilities. Tackle CPU-intensive tasks with ease, ensuring smooth and efficient workflows. Experience the joy of seamless compositing and post-production without bottlenecks holding you back. 

RTX 3080 Ti GPU: Unleash Graphical Prowess 

Complement your AMD 3975WX CPU with the mighty RTX 3080 Ti GPU, equipped with cutting-edge graphical capabilities. Handle complex visual effects and renderings with ease, delivering exceptional results that leave a lasting impact on your audience. 


10Gb NIC built-in


Excellent 4.2 GHz Max Boost Frequency, with a huge 144MB Cache

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