NVIDIA Tesla K10

Tesla K10 Specs:

PCIe x16 System Interface
Total 8GB of GDDR5 On-Board Memory
2 x Full Height Form Factor GPU
745 MHz Clock Speed
256-Bit GDDR5 Memory Interface
2Mb Serial ROM BIOS
4.58 Teraflop Peak Single Precision
320 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
Compute only

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The?NVIDIA? Kepler GPU Computing Accelerators are described as the most efficient and fastest high performance computing architecture ever built. it is based on the Kepler compute architecture. This architecture features?three times higher performance per watt than the Fermi computer architecture that was part of the previous model. If you are looking for a GPU that can make your hybrid computing dramatically easier, then look no further than the ?Tesla Kepler GPU Computing Accelerators. They also allow for a broader set of computing applications making them even more dynamic for your business. This GPU is designed to provide you with the best power efficiency and performance for things like weather and climate modeling, imaging, video and signal processing, seismic processing, CAE, data analytics, CFD, computational physics,?computational finance,?and biochemistry simulations.

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