Video RAM: 32GB
Specs: Quantity 8 – K5000 4GB VRAM

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The?NVIDIA GRID™ is a technology that is used for sharing virtual GPUs?(vGPUs). As the industries?more advanced software, when using?NVIDIA GRID™, you can share these?vGPUs across multiple applications and virtual desktops. Not only that but?NVIDIA GRID™ allows you to provide superior virtual graphics and experiences to any kinds of device no matter where it is. You can do this because?NVIDIA GRID™ provides you with the full power of the?NVIDIA data center. The platform provided by?NVIDIA GRID™ provides the highest performance in the industry as well as the most flexibility, security, and manageability. All of these components are exactly what you are looking for the make the most of your investment and your?vGPUs making it the perfect solution and decision to provide the best user experience for virtual workflow.

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