NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X

$1,400.00 per Month

Video Ram: 12GB

Out of stock


The?NVIDIA GeForce Titan?X is characterized by having up to three times faster performance, the latest gaming technologies, and next generation virtual reality experiences. The?NVIDIA GeForce Titan?X features the?NVIDIA Pascal??architecture and is really a machine that offers some of the best graphics in the industry. When you are using the?NVIDIA GeForce Titan?X, you can start doing things that you never thought was even possible. Part of this is because?NVIDIA has put as much raw horsepower into the GPU as they could. It features the?3584 NVIDIA CUDA??core that runs at?1.5GHz. It also has 11 ?TFLOPs of brute force and 12 GB of?GDDR5X memory which is one of the fastest memory technologies available on the market today. All the benefits of the?NVIDIA GeForce Titan?X make it a great option for purchase.

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