Dell Precision T7910 18-Core

Processors/GPU: Dual 18-Core Xeon 2.3GHz E5-2697v4 / NVIDIA M6000 24GB GPU
Memory: 192GB RAM
Hard Drive:?256GB SSD / 1TB 7200RPM SATA

*RAM, GPU, & Hard Drive size can be modified on all systems

Out of stock


$800.00 per Month

The?Dell Precision T7910 is a fully customizable workstation so you can make it exactly what you need it to be in order to get the job done. It is currently Dell’s most powerful and scalable workstation and it even features dual?Intel? processors. You can add the optional RAID for up to eight different hard drives depending on what you need. You can even add up to four graphics cards. There are several models available and the higher up you go, the more powerful of a processor you will find, the more memory you will have available, and the graphics cards will be even better. Take a look at the different models available to determine which is the best workstation for your needs.

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