Render farms: we are experts!

What Is It?

In the Media & Entertainment industry a render farm refers to a set of high-performance computers – a set of computer nodes configured to compute at a parallel level, bringing together the two key benefits of a render farm, time and power.

In a sequence with a length of 1 second, 25 single frames are calculated for a fluid motion. Reflections, light diffraction, anti-aliased shadows and raytracing are all paramount to creating a realistic and aesthetically pleasing render. 

 Photorealistic rendering involves a massive level of detail, reason why rendering is one of the most memory and processor intensive activities a network of computers may perform.

Structure And Density​

Animations and 3D visualizations have to be calculated to define light, shadows, reflections and much more – which is called rendering. Most often they are used to produce visual effects in 3D modelling, film, cartoon animation frames, among others, where animation and rendering is produced on a frame-by-frame basis utilizing the independent and organized processing power of each individual computer in the render farm.

A render farm consists of a cluster of render nodes (computers or servers) that have the ability to render or do other processing tasks

Render Farm Software​​

At a software level, render farms dictate the process of rendering through specialized software referred to as “queue managers”, either built into the particular rendering software the farm is utilizing or through an external program that acts directly on each individual computer in the network.

A render farm queue managing software will instruct each computer as to the tasks required in order to render the animation, usually in the form of a single frame at a time.

Speed And Storage

Render capacity is the total processing power capable of being exerted by the render farm. This is the reason of being, the essense of a render farm, when fully operational, it manifests in the speed and efficiency of which the render farm is able to operate.

As a key element, VFXnow helps clients in the process, A to Z, quicker and safer than any other option available in the market.

Onsite Or Cloud?​

As hardware, software, GPUs and other elements continue to evolve and change, expertise behind it is critical.

With remote work and high-speed internet access, VFXnow offers onsite and/or cloud render farm services.  We can set them up quickly and efficiently, because we have the knowledge to do this. That allows companies that need AI and CGI for their projects to focus on what a render farm can do for them, and this can significantly reduce the cost and the time needed to use it to its fullest advantage.

Render Capacity

Total processing power capable of being exerted by the render farm when fully
operational, it refers to the speed and efficiency of which the render farm is able
to operate.

Normally, a render farm includes a Master Node which is the server managing the render farm and Slave Nodes which are the render nodes doing rendering tasks.In which, the Master Node will control Slave Nodes through Render Farm Management Software.

In the case of very large render farms, queue managers are required to ensure that everything continues to move through the process the way it should. Smaller farms may not require this, and if the cloud is used it is possible for a company to allow someone outside of their organization to manage the queue so they can move on to other things.

How Much it Costs

Building a render farm is not simple at all. Not only does it cost money to invest, but it also takes time to install and maintain a render farm. Not only is it expensive to invest in hardware, software license, internet, and consultants, but it also takes time to install and maintain a render farm.


VFXnow: Render Farm Experts​

Our main clients are major and key companies in the M&E industry. We give them the power to render their tight production projects in the shortest possible time. Depending on the service you rent, our experienced service team of engineers and experts will provide ongoing 24/7 support.
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