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  • Isilon Bundle

    NAS BUNDLE – Three Isilon X210 Node Cluster

    $3,250.00 per Month Add to Order

    GET THIS BUNDLE – Limited quantities

    144TB RAW / ~90TB Usable

    Unmatched performance, built-in security

    Remote management capabilities with Intel Xeon 2.40 ghz processor

    Supports multiple protocols including NFS, SMB, HTTP, FTP, and HDFS

    Simplifies management with EMC Isilon OneFS single file system and single volume architecture

  • Storage Server for rent

    NAS BUNDLE – Five Isilon X410 Node Cluster

    $9,250.00 per Month Add to Order

    GET THIS BUNDLE: Five Isilon X410

    720TB RAW / ~ 500TB Usable

    Ideally suited for file-based and unstructured Big Data applications and for data-intensive high-performance computing environments:

    • Easy to use and to manage single volume, single file architecture
    • Highly scalable with grow-as-you-go flexibility
    • Unmatched efficiency to reduce costs
    • Multiprotocol support to maximize operational flexibility
    • Enterprise data protection and resiliency for valuable data
    • Oustanding NAS performance
    • Robust security options
    • Support for business analytics
    • Support for virtual environments
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