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Whether you need equipment today or for a project on the horizon, we are the largest VFX workstation rental company in the country providing high end workstations for the Media and Entertainment industry. Our Hardware as a Service offering allows your studio to scale up or down as your workload fluctuates while keeping your costs manageable and predictable.

It is essential that your artists see their technology as an extension of their creativity. Our Dell and Supermicro workstations can easily handle all kinds of heavy loads like render, compositing and cropping footage, allowing your artists to focus on what matters. Making proper investments up front, starting with your workstations will help improve your team’s speed and efficiency.

 VFXnow ProductProcessorsMemoryRental PriceGPU
HP Z8 G4 Workstation Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6248 - 20C 2.5GHz96GB Ram$1,200.00/moNVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti - 11GB
Dell Precision 7920 Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6240 - 18C 2.6GHz96GB Ram$900.00/moNVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti - 11GB
Dell Precision 5820 10C Intel Core i9-9820x - 10C 3.3Ghz64GB Ram$390.00/moNVIDIA RTX 2080 Super - 8GB
Dell Precision 5820 12C Intel Core i9-9920x - 12C 3.5Ghz64GB Ram$420.00/moNVIDIA RTX 2080 Super - 8GB
Dell Precision T7910 Dual Intel Xeon E5-2643v4 - 6C 3.4 GHz128GB Ram$588.00/moNVIDIA RTX 2080 Super - 8GB
HP Z840 WorkstationHP Z840 WorkstationDual Intel Xeon E5-2643v4 - 6C 3.4 GHz128GB Ram$588.00/moNVIDIA RTX 2080 Super - 8GB
Dell Precision T7810Dual Intel Xeon E5-2640v4 - 10C 2.4 GHz64GB Ram$375.00/moNVIDIA RTX 2080 Super - 8GB
Supermicro SkylakeDual Gold 5118 2.3GHz64GB Ram$460.00/moNVIDIA RTX 2080 Super - 8GB

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Dell workstations offer high end performance with the necessary silence that is required in a VFX studios, while delivering the necessary hardware resources that you require to tackle your biggest shots. Supermicro’s meticulous focus on engineering directly benefits your bottom line. Their systems are designed to be energy efficient in an incredibly dense physical form factor, resulting in energy cost savings and the ability to pack more compute power in your facility.