Media and entertainment companies deal with huge amounts of data and as image resolutions get higher, file sizes grow. Post-production teams benefit from centralized storage that are capable of handling intense workflows and content all in one place. Our storage inventory gives you simplicity and high performance for your infrastructure so your focus remains on creativity, without jeopardizing productivity.

VFXnow ProductCapacityRental PricePurchase Price
OWC 8TB Thunderblade External SSD8TB SSD$400/month$4,999
OWC 4TB Thunderblade External SSD4TB SSD$250/month$2,799
Isilon X210 (per node)12TBCall 866-691-9579 for detailsCall 866-691-9579 for details
Isilon X410 (per node)72TBCall 866-691-9579 for detailsCall 866-691-9579 for details
Isilon 36000X (per node)36TBCall 866-691-9579 for detailsCall 866-691-9579 for details

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Isilon designs flexible solutions to accelerate your high-concurrent and sequential-throughput applications. Isilon provides the performance, scalability and agility to conquer your storage challenges. For customers needing to expand capacity, Isilon provides linear scaling capacity (scaling both storage and performance at the same time) resulting in unmatched value for storing and accessing large and rapidly growing archives of unstructured data and digital content.

Dedicated to post-production and content creation workflows, Facilis TerraBlock accommodates the most complex multi-platform environments, making it easier to collaborate and work more efficiently.