Our selection of render solutions enables studios to do more iterations of complex rendering without hindering VFX artists. We understand that render times can make or break your project so we only provide systems with the high-density compute power necessary for today’s computationally intense rendering processes. Increase your rendering power at a fraction of the cost by renting with us.

VFXnow ProductProcessorMemoryNodes per SystemRental PriceUpgrade to 128GB
Supermicro 2U Chassis SkylakeDual 12-Core Gold-5118 2.3Ghz64GB4$1500.00/mo$280.00/mo
Supermicro 2U Chassis 64GBDual 10-Core E5-2650V464GB4$1150.00/mo$280.00/mo
Dell FX2Dual 10-Core E5-2650V364GB4$1050.00/mo$280.00/mo

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Supermicro leads the way in state-of-the-art technology and is constantly adapting their product platform to keep up with the latest technology developments. Their machines are highly regarded in the media and entertainment industry for their price to performance ratio.

Dell chassis are flexible and efficient platforms for building an infrastructure that is suitable for your unique needs.

The NVIDIA Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) supercharges rendering workflows for design, broadcast and visual effects. VCAs are accessible to anyone on your network, allowing you to make faster design decisions with photorealistic images.