4 GPU Workstation

Dual Xeon Silver 4110 2.1Ghz

64GB Memory


4x PCI-e Slots

with optional Rails

VFXnow ProductVideo RAMQuantityRental Price
NVIDIA 1080TI11GB4$810/month
NVIDIA 10808GB4$750/month
NVIDIA Titan Xp12GB4$990/month

No products were found matching your selection.

Whether you’re in post-production, film, advertising or any other creative field NVIDIA will transform your workflow. The combination of graphics performance and advanced features enable you to iterate faster, enhance your creativity and meet your deadlines.

VFXNOW offers a 4GPU Workstation with high performance GPUs to expedite your rendering requirements and make your deadline. These workstations have ample power supplies to drive today’s high powered GPUs and plenty of memory to run the most demanding applications.