We are releasing an updated brand identity. This includes a new logo, colors, and typography. Specifically, this change reflects where VFXnow heads as a company. Our new identity captures the essence of what we are becoming.

We started as a hardware computer company. As technology continually evolves and user needs change, including new remote work set ups and applications that are moving to the cloud, VFXnow is now a trusted partner and a technology consultant.


We are expanding our line of products and introducing services that represent thoughtful technology that modernizes aspects of the work of the media and entertainment industry. While simultaneously becoming better at connecting creative people to each other and their own clients. Our new model is reaching out to other industries where our expertise is highly valued. 

Our newly expanded team is set to inspire and further elevate how we serve our clients, as we continue to provide leading-edge technology solutions for our current and upcoming customers. Take a look at our new website, visit us frequently, as we will adding more products, services and an easier-to-do-business user experience.
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