New IT Staffing Agency Breed Connects Entertainment Industry Companies with Tech Talent

Breed, a technical staffing agency focused on recruiting tech talent for careers in the entertainment industry, has launched in Los Angeles. A division of IT specialist GPL Technologies, Breed connects motion picture studios, gaming companies, visual effects houses, post-production facilities and other creative service providers with the industry’s best engineers, IT and pipeline specialists, and programmers.

Engineers and IT specialists fill critical roles in the entertainment industry, but many companies lack the resources to conduct an effective search for technical talent and may not have the expertise to evaluate the qualifications of job candidates. Traditional recruitment agencies, even those specializing in technical employment, lack insight into the specialized needs and work environments of production companies, visual effects houses and post production facilities. GPL Technologies, which has been providing engineering design, systems integration and support services to media companies for more than a decade, formed Breed to bridge the gap.

“The concept for Breed was born out of our clients’ need for specialized engineering talent,” explains GPL Technologies CEO Brian Terrell. “We know engineering, we also understand our clients’ businesses, so it’s only natural for us to offer them this service.”

Breed provides three types of staffing service: direct placement (permanent, full-time positions), contract staffing (short- and long-term temporary positions), and contract-to-hire (temporary positions with an option for permanent hire). In all cases, the agency conducts a global job search, pre-screens candidates according to the employer’s criteria, and connects the best qualified candidates with the employer for final consideration.

Breed differs from other staffing agencies by evaluating candidates on more than their resumes. All candidates are subject to both technical and cognitive testing. “We practice a holistic approach toward talent assessment,” explains Breed Head Recruiter Jonathan Borunda. “We evaluate individuals for such factors as autonomy, energy level and emotional intelligence. We look at the whole person. That leads to smarter hiring and reduced turnover. It’s better for employers and employees.”

Making smart choices about staffing not only results in better, happier employees, it also contributes to improved business performance. “We help companies by ensuring they have the right people in the right jobs at the right time,” Borunda says. “The ability to bring in highly-qualified contract workers at a moment’s notice for a specified time can help companies make deadlines and reduce costs. Hiring someone whose technical skills and work habits are ideally suited to the position you are filling leads to better retention and avoids the time and cost of hiring someone new.”

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