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VFXnow provides Hardware as a Service solutions for VFX and media companies.
Hardware as a Service = Rentals + Engineering. VFXnow pairs an agile, production-minded engineering team with a top-tier arsenal of rentable hardware to create an immediate and cost-effective solution for your pipeline needs

The simple answer is no.

Hardware as a Service means that we guarantee your hardware works. You pick the equipment you need and we guarantee that each element is installed properly and runs smoothly. If any problems occur with the hardware, we fix them at no charge.

Please feel free to reach out about buyout options. We’ll gladly provide a quote. Please make sure your account is paid up and in good standing, otherwise we have to refuse to quote a buyout until everything is paid up. Apple products are exempt from our buyout program.
Absolutely. We rent a full arsenal of Dell/EMC technology supported by our talented engineering team.
Please reach out to us and we’ll gladly provide you with a quote (
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