Regular Back Up Testing

REGULAR BACK UP: Save Time, Money and Energy As a business owner, you’re probably already aware of the threats looming over data security in today’s digital environment. The irretrievable loss of critical data could drive your business to ruins. Apart from the financial fallout directly associated with data loss, it could also damage your reputation. …

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Get Your Back Up Ready

Monitor, Test, Restore. Backups play a critical role in any data protection strategy. However, if you are entirely dependent on your backups for disaster recovery and business continuity, unexpected backup failures can prove disastrous for your business. When backups are scheduled automatically, you risk falling victim to media failure, software issues, cyberattacks or even a …

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VFX Workstation Rental Guide

Firstly, what’s the difference between a desktop and a workstation?  A desktop is a computer system that most people use for everyday things—even the best of them, though, are too slow and too ill-equipped for what a workstation is meant to do. A “workstation” is a computer system that has the latest technology and is, …

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