Ready to get started with your VFXnow Rental?

We appreciate you placing your trust in VFXnow and choosing us as your IT solutions provider. 

Since 2008, we’ve proudly served companies like yours with both the technology and support you need to succeed. 

Ready to get started with your VFXnow Rental? Below you will find everything you need to know about your rental.

1. Initial Setup

Getting started is easy with VFXnow.

  • Setting up your new rental is no different than getting started with a newly purchased computer. If you have any questions, search Google with the equipment’s make and model for installation instructions, or reach out to us.
  • IMPORTANT: If your equipment arrived in boxes specifically designed to hold it, please save the packaging for the return shipment.

2. Throughout Your Rental Period

Our Team is by your side every step of the way.

  • Always keep a current backup of your data.
  • Need more storage? VFXnow offers vault for data loss resilience.
  • If you need extra support or more information about additional services or products, we offer customized solutions, fit to your needs.

3. Returning Your Equipment

Congratulations on completing your project, and we are glad we could join you along the way!

  • Back up your data before returning your equipment.
  • Make sure your return order is packaged securely. If the equipment arrived in boxes specifically designed to hold it, use these boxes for the return shipment. If you do not have the packaging for the return, let us know.
  • Apple rentals only please remove the device from iCloud*.  

*Charges may incur if the rental is returned with an activation lock due to remaining on an iCloud account.



  • What happens if I misplace my packaging materials or they become damaged?

Let us know immediately and we will ship a new box for a small fee.

  • Which products specifically do I need to save the original packaging for to reuse for the return shipment?

Threadrippers (excluding threadripper pros/lenovos): 3960X, 3970X, 3990X All AMD Ryzens: 5950X, 5600X Dell Workstations: T5820, T7920 HP’s: z4, z6, z8

  • Can I schedule a pickup for the return?

We can indeed schedule pickups corresponding with the tracking number.

  • What happens if a cable breaks or any equipment is damaged?

Let us know immediately and we will replace the equipment. Depending on the equipment, a fee may be incurred.


  • What do I do if I find an issue with the machine? (It’s quite rare for this to happen, but just in case.)

Please contact our team to resolve the issue. If the problem is within the software used and within our scope of expertise, we do provide resources and assistance.

  • How can I extend my rental?

Simply let us know and the rental can be extended at the end of the rental period on the agreement.

  • How can I upgrade the system’s ram or gpu?

Depending on the limits of the system, we can add an order for the upgrade.

  • Will I be billed for the whole month if I return on after my contract date?

After the initial 30 days, we prorate by day.

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