Dream. Rent. Create.


Because inspiration strikes anytime, and “we’ll do it later” isn’t a thing. Your teams need the workstations, the rendering power, the storage and security to do what you do – right. this. second.

We know VFX – the deadlines, and turnaround speed and posting the newest revision five minutes ago – not five days from now. We let artists work by simplifying their lives and letting them create by removing the obstacles.

Let your team create magic whenever lightning strikes.

Pre installed Software for Editing 3D Animation

Apple Gear

Scale your production instantly.

We can get you into the best Apple Products so your team can get into their creative flow without missing a beat.

Give your artists the Apple products they want — set up just the way they like them – with VFXnow’s performance fleet of Apple Products.  From MacPros, to MacBooks, to iPads – we’ve got it all. Plus: we’ll take the tech out of the equation – and hook things up right – with an onsite team that knows Apple and will get you Mac Products up and running faster than you can say “lightening cable”.
Get ‘em the machines they know and love.

24'' / 27'' / 32'' 


Your monitor is the window into the project - and what good is a window if the view isn’t crystal clear?
Take your show on the road.


Need something for 3D visualization? Want to work in Unreal Engine in an unusual location?  Or perhaps you want to share a pre-vis or pitch your project in a car.  Maybe you just need to keep track of VFX shots on set. 
Laptop Rentals


We’ve got nodes (in different area codes.)

Begin improving your workflow and reduce project render times with our premium render nodes for sale and rent. We provide some of the top-performing render nodes available on the market. VFXnow is the number one renderfarm rental company—we can keep your business functioning at optimum capacity. Allow the render management software to deliver reliable and powerful rendering solutions.  
Browse through our selection of render node options to find the solution to not just meet but surpass the harsh performance requirements necessitated by today’s design studios. We offer a variety of models for varying budget sizes.  

Fast Shipping

Free Delivery in the Greater Los Angeles and New York City Metro areas on qualified orders.

Buyout Options

Interested keeping the gear? Reach out and maybe we can make a deal that makes sense.

Charge by card

Yup, we take plastic

Cloud Storage For Rent



Whether you use Azure or AWS, our data centre is your data centre, we can set you up for the most seamless cloud experience possible. Imagine your global teams collaborating in real time, to deliver the work as close to NOW as possible. It’s your own personal data center, with infrastructure and render farm, in fact you don’t even need an IT.  And with our hybrid solutions, we can virtualize AZURE, AWS – and scale quickly for short periods, or for the long projects. VFXnow is #1 in the Hybrid cloud category – allowing one editor to work locally, while the rest of the team works from…..wherever.


give your artists time to play.

Our support is what makes us special. Real people, real knowledge, really ready to help.

Studio On Demand
Yes, VFXnow is in the computer workstation rental business, but really we’re in the problem solving business. With a rapidly changing world, one that allows creative collaboration regardless of location, the virtual VFX studio is now a reality. At VFXnow we’re confident that we can create a global cross-functional online studio that fits your timeline and your budget. We’ll collaborate to create a custom plan for your online workplace, from setup to screen UI, to helping to optimize pipeline for productions large and small. We can also help you scale with each project, giving you access the global talent pool and avoid hardware bottlenecks. The future is now, the studio is virtual, and we’re here to make it a reality.

GPL, is like our older, more experienced sibling. A creative services company that’s been in business since 2003, GPL provides powerful, reliable and innovative creative services to scores of global creatives, empowering them to reach new heights. With over fifty on staff engineers and a track record of industry leading pipeline design and implementation, GPL is older brother we look up to, lean on, and ask the tough questions. It’s good to know GPL has our back.

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